Sugar X Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable, 2.2g/6CT*


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Product Overview

Sugar X Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable 2.2g is a new and one-of-a-kind product entering the scene! We have all heard enough about Amanita Muscaria and want to try something new.

Sugar and Exodus Canna have combined forces putting in months and months of research and testing with their labs to provide users with something unique! Each 2.2g device is a proprietary blend of blue lotus extract, high-quality HHC distillate, and strain-specific terpenes to top it all off!

These disposable pair two substances well known to induce mood enhancement, euphoria, and relaxation! Users can expect to feel intense euphoria and full-body relaxation that releases tension from the muscles.

It has also been reported that higher doses of Blue Lotus can cause hallucinations along with its euphoric properties. It is suggested that users take one puff and wait 30 minutes to feel the full effects of the disposable before accessing tolerance.

These devices come pre-filled and pre-charged and are USBC rechargeable for fast charging. As mentioned, these disposables are infused with strain-specific terpenes and are launching in 6 tasty flavors. We will go over what Blue Lotus is and what these flavor profiles are below.

What Is Blue Lotus?

Blue Lotus is commonly known as blue Egyptian Lotus, blue water lily, and sacred water lily. Like many plant-based medicines, we provide our friends, the blue lotus flower has many different alkaloids. Two of the alkaloids present in this flower are psychoactive. These are called apomorphine and nuciferine. These alkaloids work on the dopamine receptors in the brain to produce its effects.

Blue Lotus is known to have unique psychoactive properties and has been used in medicine for centuries. It is most known for its vibrant color and fragrance.

What Effects Should I Expect From Blue Lotus?

This flower primarily works on the dopamine receptors in a user’s brain. Users should expect to feel a deep sensation of relaxation paired with mild euphoria, mood enhancement, and a lightness in the body. These effects can last anywhere from one to three hours in total.


  • Pink Runtz
  • Sour Zkittles
  • White Gushers
  • Super Goji
  • Blue Razz
  • Unicorn Dreamz


  • 2.2g Disposable Vape
  • Blend Of Blue Lotus Extract, HHC Distillate, And Terpenes
  • Euphoria, Relaxation, And Mood Enhancement
  • 6 Tasty And Unique Flavors
  • USBC Rechargeable
  • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, And Safety

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